Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Work at home and/or make money without a job

It's historically proven that new jobs and industries are created during an economic lull, as in this recession. People become more creative in finding ways to make money and in creating jobs for themselves. All is not lost because an employer doesn't hand you a regular check.

After doing quite a bit of research, I wrote two articles: one about finding valid work at home jobs and the other about making money without a job.

I have done some of the work in each article and I know they work. Not everything will work for everyone, of course, but if you're out of work, or need a part time or second job, take a look and see what you can come up with.

Top 10 Valid Work at Home Jobs

How to Make Money Without a Job


  1. Pat, I was wondering about this particular post if you knew of or had access to Canadian people who are able to work from home!
    that being said I love your blog and advice you are a wonderful asset to the online community!
    thnak you so much for all your advice and help you give here!

  2. Laurie, I don't know if the people I know are Canadian or not. It doesn't seem to be an issue for the work at home ideas I outlined.

  3. Thanks Pat! I will do more research for here! I appreciate your response! Have a great frugal weekend!! ;)