Saturday, December 5, 2020

The Real Grinch of Christmas

This grinch might have been a little... different from most.
He was almost pleasant and almost polite.
He hated the part of Christmas each year
And he wanted to stop the... political-incorrectness-of-it-all.

So he devised a clever and cunning agenda
To remove all the Christ from the people at large
Christmas surely would not survive on just 'mas(s)'
And he chuckled to think what a marvelous coup

He took away all the prayer in the schools
And he took down the crosses and stars
He found ways to get rid of the pictures and symbols
And he outlawed commandments and rules.

He duped the people so that they believed
That just any belief was ok (but this one).
He told them that Christians were intolerable fools
Because they believed their beliefs and no other.

He broke up the families -
Lost children and parents
He redefined courage,
And made them all 'victims'

He spread this propaganda so far and so wide
Of unreasonable reason and nonsensible logic
That the people were brainwashed by their own obeisance
(Voluntary stubbornness plus true ignorance evolves naturally to become bigotry.)

Ah, the gifts? No, he left them to fill in the void
Where the spirit of joy and peace once there was.
He even gave a 'gift' - of a credit card.

He had a few problems with too many good works -
But abortions increased and divorces, too
And pornography and drug use and child abuse rose
So he was happy, this grinch that hated Christmas.

And he thought he had finished it, done with it, through.
But when Christmas came around that year, he was blue...
Because, you see...
The Christians still sang and rejoiced and believed.

They never even once quit praying on their knees.
They celebrated without the stars and the shepherds
And any symbol-remotely-connected-with-the-Christian religion...
Because Christ was still there - within their hearts.

Christmas wasn't the nativity scenes he had banned.
It wasn't in the pictures and symbols destroyed.
Stopping prayer in the school hadn't fazed it at all.
Nor the Ten Commandments not hung on the wall.

It was still there! ...whatever it was.
In their hearts, in their eyes and their prayers!
Why, Christmas must mean something more than... a ceramic baby?
It must mean more than a shiny star on a tree.

He scratched his head and he watched from afar
And he saw all the hugs and the smiles and the joy.
He heard them singing and he heard them laughing...
And he thought. What had he missed? What hid from his eyes (and his heart)?

And that, dear Christian, is where you and I go to work.
Reveal the Christ within us and no matter what mean spirited and cunning perversion
of rational thought with which the grinch is deceived - Christ will never be defeated!
Christmas will always come.