Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Uses for Plastic Gallon Jugs

If you have milk or water jugs stashed (or know someone who does), use them! Here are a few ways, but you can probably think of more. If you do, let us know.

  1. Cut off the top an inch or two below the handle, turn it upside down and use it as a funnel. 
  2. Cut the bottom off and use it to hold nasty water when you're doing some deep cleaning. If it gets too dirty, throw it out. 
  3. Cut the bottom off, poke holes in the bottom for drainage and use it to start seeds. 
  4. Cut the bottom off, paint the outside or decorate it with Contact paper. Poke holes for drainage and use it for a plant pot. 
  5. Heat an ice pick or nail firmly held with pliers by passing it through a candle flame. Use it to melt more or less uniform holes around the top front of the jug on the side opposite the handle. Fill it with water up to the holes, put on the lid and you have a one gallon watering can. 
  6. Fill the jug to within about three inches of the top and freeze then put it in your cooler to keep foods cold without the mess of loose or plastic bagged ice. 
  7. Use a funnel to fill one with rice, popcorn or other grains for storage. It will keep them dry and safe from pests.  
Now it's your turn. How can we save money by using gallon plastic jugs?