Monday, February 15, 2010

Survival seeds

You may have noticed the "Hometown Seeds" link on the side bar. The story goes that they emailed me and asked me to put put up the link. I went to their site and looked around. They have a good variety of seeds at a good price, and besides that, I like their attitude, so I put up the link.

A couple of days ago, Saturday to be exact, I received a package of "Survival Seeds" from them, with a very nice hand written note thanking me for linking to their site.

The seeds were totally enclosed in a mylar looking package, so of course, I had to open it. We're not even close to planting time for even the early crops here... but I opened it anyway. Oh, my.

It felt like Christmas.

An exciting (gardeners, you know what I mean!) pile of seed packages slid out onto the table. Beans and radishes, corn and tomatoes, squash and lettuce and more. And more. There are enough to plant well over half an acre!

If I had paid for the package (which I did not, by way of disclaimer), I would have been very pleased. (Since I didn't pay for it, I was even more pleased, but that's the frugal in me!)

These survival packets, according to the label, will keep 5 years in a cool place. No hybrids so you can save seeds from the plants and expect perfect results the year after, and no GMO's so you can be sure you're eating healthy, real food.

So I'm happy today. :)


  1. Oh I bet you can't wait till spring! It may seem a long time coming but it's almost here! I know most are under so much snow I think it was 49 out of 50 states! But hopefully the temps will start warming up and you will be planting soon! I live in the desert so even though it's snowing up north in the mountains it is heating up to the 70's this week. My garden is coming along nicely and I put tomatoes, lettuce and broccoli, rosemary, parsley and Swiss chard in. By the time I am harvesting mine you will be growing yours! By the time my hot awful weather comes you'll be enjoying you nice spring weather! Oh well...we all get the good and the bad somehow! I am hoping we don't see 122 degrees this year like we have before although for some who are in the snow and cold with no electricity 122 might seem good right now! Hopefully this winter will pass soon and it will all be a memory!

  2. You're right; I can hardly wait to get out and get things growing. We don't have any fresh snow on the ground right here, but it's much too cold to start anything. Or sometimes it's too cold for anything to survive, is a better way of saying it. Temperatures tend to fluctuate quite a bit here, so we have some warm days and some cold nights. We do all get some good and bad. I don't think I could handle 122 degrees but I envy you being able to garden right now. :)

  3. I can't wait to plant my garden this year, either! I hope it does better than last years' crop! What are you planting?

  4. I'm still paring down my list, but for sure there will be tomatoes, squash, peppers, beets, mustard, radishes, lettuce, beans and peas. I have a very long list of other things, but whether I plant them will depend on how much room I can find and how much time I have to work outside at planting time.

  5. I can't handle 122 degrees either and I am so not looking forward to those days but we are going from 60-79 by Sunday so I guess it's goodbye to our mild winter and hello heat!!! Definitely by May we will see the first 100 degrees! Oh well we all have our weather to contend with!
    I will try to grow pumpkins this summer I am suppose to start them n the ground in July we'll see how that goes!