Saturday, February 27, 2010

Guest Post: Do It Yourself to Save Money

by Raine Parker

I do what I can to save money, and one of the best ways I've come up with is to cut out paying for services I can do myself. I might not be able to generate my own electricity or cable programming, but there are a lot of monthly expenses I can save by doing it myself.

Take a haircut, for instance. Even at a discount-friendly chain store, a haircut can be $20 or more with shampoo and a tip. Why pay it? I've started cutting my own hair, and aside from a few minor mistakes at the very beginning, it's been a fun process. It's a frugal, smart way to eliminate a regular cost.

Another great idea is gardening, since you'll be able to raise some fruits and vegetables on your own and not have to pay the grocer's prices for them. Check with your local plant shop or garden center to see what kind of vegetables grow best in your location.

I've also boned up on minor repair procedures for things like leaky faucets or faulty fuses. Paying a plumber or electrician to come out and fix a problem can be costly, and there are many things that you can fix on your own with some basic tools and rudimentary knowledge. has an array of helpful articles to guide you through such repairs.

A lot of consumers want to save money but aren't sure how to start doing it. Eliminating certain expenditures by performing the services yourself is a great way to start, and you'll see the savings add up right away.

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  1. Yup my TO DO List has gotten very long. Last year we didn't do any home improvements (though we needed to) because of the economy. This year the economy is no better but we decided to budget some of our tax returns for the most important home improvements that we need to do. So DYI is on our list this year!

  2. Hair cuts at home can be fun and a real money saver. For years I've cut my family's hair, and mine, using the Wahl clippers. They sell attachments that go up to 2", so I had a short cut, but not too military looking. ;) I recently purchased a Flowbee hair cutting gizmo and that cuts up to 6". I like the longer look on me better these days. Also coloring your own hair is an additional way to be thrifty. I use henna powder mixed with a coffee concentrate that I make. I get a nice auburn color & no ammonia or other questionable chemicals added and sitting on my scalp.

  3. I've been cutting my own hair for a year now (and it is really short!). I started cutting it myself after I paid to get it cut and it got butchered. I figured, if I just paid $20 bucks to someone else for a haircut that I absolutely hate, I could do that myself. If it was really bad, I can go to a salon and get it fixed.

    Funny....during this past year, it has never been bad enough to need to pay to get it fixed. And I find I trim it more frequently since I don't have to "pay" someone to do it. Plus, I know I must do a fairly good job of it when one of my friends asked me where I went to get my hair cut. BONUS!