Sunday, February 21, 2016

Send Your Car to Work

There are only two ways to get ahead financially in this world. One is to learn to control and save the money you make and the other one is to find ways to make more money without working 24/7. I talk a lot about saving money and that's what this blog is all about... but if you don't have it to save, then what?

Then you go looking for ways to make a little more. To do that, you can work longer hours or start your own side business. Both take a lot of time and energy but I have a better way! ;)

Monday, February 1, 2016

9 Ways to Use Cardboard Tubes

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One of the best parts of being frugal (and the part that sometimes will get you the strangest looks) is finding uncommon uses for common or throwaway things.

So did you save the tubes from the wrapping paper at Christmas? Neither did I. Thinking about it today, though, I wish I would have!

There are so many things one could do with them. They're part of the "raw material" of consumerism and as such, they can be ultimately useful and just plain fun.

Tubes from toilet paper (yes, those...) aluminum foil, plastic wrap or wax paper tubes, and miscellaneous other sources, such as rolls of plastic gloves, are all fair game for these uses. Since you use many of those things anyway, you might as well get some frugal use from them!