Sunday, February 21, 2010

Frugalizing the government

I don't often get into politics. Even less often do I get into polarizing comments about politics, but frugal is my game and it irritates me - no, it infuriates me - to see blind, uncaring waste in our government.

Oh, I could rant about "pork" in bills, and I could scream about wasteful practices in government projects, but why not tackle something we might even have a chance (?) of changing?

Why not demand a few things from our government "servants"?

How about....

Cut the pension of every one who has ever been a senator, representative or president, to 20% of what their income was.

Say NO to career politicians by demanding that no one serve more than two terms. No more life long Senators or Representatives.

Put a cap on what candidates for any office can spend on campaigning. Let's say a half million dollars. That would create a level playing field and no one would win just because they had more or could raise more money than anyone else. Good fund raisers do not necessarily make good leaders.

Just those three things could change the face of politics and the overall efficiency of the government in the US but of course they're just the tip of the iceberg.

Can you imagine what a nation we'd live in if we would really frugalize the government??


  1. You aint kidding! I was watching PBS last night on a discussion about the Supreme Court in Texas and how they take money (mainly from Corporate America and the Unions) for campaigns. Of course in the court Corporate America and the Unions win over the average man or woman because they have bribed the judges and have tons of money to drag a case out! Supposedly this will change but I won't hold my breath! What a world this has become...

  2. What about an effective "balanced budget" amendment that could never be overridden to accommodate special interest groups? What would happen if we made the government live within its means as its citizens must do?

  3. Oh, better not get me started on Corporate America! Bribes are the normal mode of operation when it comes to campaigns. If you hold your breath, you'll pass out. ;)

    Slk2042, what would happen if we made the government live within its means is... it would probably cease to function. Sometimes I think that wouldn't be such a bad thing...

    I'd be all for a balanced budget amendment that couldn't be overridden, but it might take years to actually implement.

  4. Ohhhh you are so right in many ways.... The Supreme Court just passed that law that Corporations will be able to spend as much on backing politicians as they want.... This is the worst news EVER!!!

    As for the government spending, every bloody government spends lets cash just leak out.... Part of me feels defeatist about it and part wants to revolt (even though I am not from USA ;) ).


  5. I could not agree more. Government spending is out of control!!!

    Why are the American people paying government pensions when they, themselves don't have pensions or even jobs. We are moving into an aristocracy where elite rule.

  6. Forest, I hear you about the defeatist - revolutionary part. We need to strike a balance if we're ever going to make any progress, though. I think that's true of any people governed by anything less than a dictatorship (although the lines become less clear as time goes on).

  7. Ha ha, Thanks Pat.... One thing I would say is.... I live in Egypt right now.... USA and UK (My home country) have it lucky when it comes to Governing!!!!

  8. I couldn't agree more, Roses and Lilacs. Even IF the people were working, there's no reason to pay exorbitant pensions for retired politicians. It's legalized extortion.

  9. Oh, yeah... I understand that, too, Forest!

  10. I watch a lot of Masterpiece Theater on PBS and it is so interesting historically. IF you go back to the 1800-1900 when Corporations ruled and the rest were slaves to them you can see that very reflection in society today!!! Some how For the People...By the People has gone astray in the government!

  11. That's true, "anonymous," but I don't think the corporations are as much to blame as the government intervention and rules that keep them "too big to fail."

  12. If our founding father are rolling in their graves.