Monday, April 9, 2007

The cost of biscuits

My daughter is working as a cook in a popular local place once owned by Doug Kershaw. You might not know who he is, but I like to name drop anyway. ;)

The restaurant used to give free biscuits with their breakfast meals, but no more. They don't have the manpower to make their own biscuits, so they buy them at 20¢ each. Each.

I may be living in a world of my own. Does that sound expensive to you, for assembly line style biscuits? The cost of ingredients has gone up, as well as transportation and labor, but 20¢? That's $2.40 a dozen. Can't you buy them cheaper in the grocery store? Store brand, generic?

I don't know how much they sell them for, but I should ask. Or maybe I should go into the biscuit baking business.


  1. When I read your blog, I remembered a commedy show on my favorite radio station( I live in Germany and listen to this show while driving to work every morning). The commedian calls himself "Dodo van Duenkel" (a translation would be something like Richie Rich, very stupid, very important). "Dodo" asked the listeners to call in and answer a question about the price of a very expensive product- his favorites. One day he asked the price of ONE jar of jelly (I think it was orange marmalade)of a British company. (A real product on the market! No joke!) When I remember the price right, it was about 1500 EUR ($) for one jar of orange marmalde with "real gold flakes".

    It is unbelievable how stupid people are and which prices they are willing to pay when they think a product is VERY exclusive and VERY special.

    My advice: Go in the jelly business and forget about the biscuits!

  2. Oh, I got a good laugh from your comments, thank you! It's true... people will buy the dumbest things if they think it's exclusive.

    It's sad, though, because it's really a statement on how insignificant people feel that they have to prop themselves up with "status" symbols.