Monday, April 16, 2007

Best frugal tactic

You know you're too much of a bargain hunter when you receive a "$10 off a $20 purchase" card and immediately start thinking of what you need at that particular store, even though you've never been there before.

I mean, you have to say the advertising is working, isn't it?

The card is still on my desk, though. I may look at it until it expires, thinking of how I could save half the price of... whatever. But then I remind myself that I could save the full price by not going there.

Staying at home is still the best frugal tactic I know.


  1. Thanks for the reminder. I continually have to remind myself that if I don't need it I didn't save 30 or 40 percent, I lost it.
    Thanks again for the great blog.

  2. Yes... When faced with those great percentage off sales, I remind myself that I can save 100% by not buying at all!