Friday, October 3, 2008

Up the Poudre

This is an autumn garden planted by God - no human intervention at all. It's a rest stop just off the highway.

We took an afternoon drive up the mountain valley of the Poudre River to see the colors. Cost: about $16 worth of gas and $5 for snacks. Not bad for a once in awhile outing.

The real value is priceless, though.


  1. That is just beautiful. What a great picture and it would make a nice print for the wall.


  2. Thank you. My daughter took it... I forgot my camera. :)
    I'm using it for my desktop wallpaper.

  3. Pat, this is truepeacenik from dollar stretcher.
    Absolutely wonderful picture.
    I love Poudre canyon west of Fort Collins.
    Came to a lot of concerts at the Mishawaka. Always joked we went more for the drive and overnight camping.

  4. And who wouldn't, Robyn? It's gorgeous country up there! :)