Wednesday, October 1, 2008

I'm not going to say anything...

About the "bailout" facing Congress and the US. And I'm not going to make any political comments one way or another, except for the little McCain graphic up there on the left. Don't bother me with comments or emails or anything else. End of story.

What I will talk about is your own responsibility toward your own finances. Whether you sink or swim is your responsibility. Not Uncle Sam's or the Welfare office or even your good Aunt Emma or whoever.

It's time that consumers in America - and I'm speaking of consumers of lipstick and houses; of potato chips and bonds; of movies and gargantuan tractors - all these consumers need to grow up. Quit playing the blame game. Quit waiting for someone else to bail you out. Quit being angry that someone else gets the money and you don't. There's no such thing as a free ride, no such thing as getting something for nothing, or even something substantial for just a little.

It all costs. It costs in taxes, in higher prices, in the loss of human dignity, in real opportunities to make something of oneself without being pampered and fed government handouts.

If that's political, then so be it. I believe in the American spirit and that spirit is not one of welfare and programs to salve the consciences of those who would sell our freedoms for their own gain.

No comments will be approved for this post. I will move on... frugality reigns.

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