Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Social lament

I apologize in advance for posting yet another time about things nonfrugal. This was brought on by Gary Foreman's post to his blog "Scary!!!" so we can blame him. (This time.)

There used to be a small farm nearby where the man, his wife and kids did the harvest by themselves, mostly by hand. It was so cool to drive by and see them all out working together, but so sad to realize how unusual it was.

How often do families work together to ensure their own future? In this age of convenience, we've forgotten that a fulfilling life is not one of indolent laziness but one of interaction and relationships with those we care about.

Our society is becoming more fragmented all the time. No one can change that but us.


  1. What do you think about this article on Adbusters.org, Join the Consumption Strike!: "A general consumption strike is behind the economic collapse and now that it is coming, culturejammers will use the opportunity to usher in a new world."

  2. If you know me at all, you know I'm against overt consumption and mega businesses taking over. BUT... I think Adbusters are thinking a little too highly of themselves in this article. This post: The economy, again gives my view.

  3. I seen for the last ten years or so painted pumpkins here in NYC. I never bought one; and they look a bit sloppily done... more fun to do it yourself or just leave Orange..

    I guess NYC people are supposed to be too busy to paint their own.

    Alot of time it is for people that don't have children at home; and still enjoy the painted look to decorate their home steps etc.

    Smaller homes in NYC too; to save paint and all for other projects. I'm not in Manhattan.. I'm in Staten Island in a 4 bedroom detach home.. so I have plenty of room for storage; but others NYC people do live in tiny spaces.. and might not want to store arts and crafts for other future projects.

    Again I think these are bought mainly by childless couples (empty nesters; singles; etc) than couples with children.

    bettyann NYC

  4. Betty Ann, wouldn't it make more sense to buy a plastic or ceramic pumpkin that was already decorated than buy a real one already painted? At least the fake one could be used again and again. And if there's no storage at all, there couldn't be much room to display a real pumpkin anyway. Just me two cents. ;)

  5. well this is really nice way to do things