Thursday, June 12, 2008

Other ways to save gas

Don't park your car on the street if you can help it, unless you have a locking gas cap! That's one way to save gasoline. No, I didn't learn the hard way, but with prices the way they are, gas thievery is a potential problem no matter where you live, city or country.

A locking gas cap is money well spent, but even then, if you can possibly park in a garage or enclosed area, don't leave your car on the street. You may never know how much gas you saved that way.

On Lehman's blog: About those gas prices...

What did I miss? Let me know here or there, so we can all benefit from it. With gas prices the way they are, we need to use every trick there is to lengthen the time between fill ups.


  1. Once, when we were living in a different town (still small, only 2000 people) I had gas siphoned out of my tank, and my car was sitting in my driveway, which was a fair distance from the street! That was 5 years ago, so I surely feel it's a valid point. Having a motion sensored light near the car might be helpful in such a situation. Fortunately, due to where I live now, it would take a good deal of gas for anyone to even get to my house! LOL! So I hope I don't have to worry about it!

    My mom, on the other hand, lives right on the highway (about 60 miles away from me). She buys gas in bulk, has a large storage tank sitting in plain view. She keeps it locked, but is often away from home, so who knows what some people might do! I have heard of people drilling into the sides of cars before! Yikes!


  2. I had my gas siphoned in the Walmart parking lot last year. They twisted off the locking gas cap somehow, and I had to get part of the screw-on valve replaced.

  3. i have been reading on some lists that license plates are stolen so that they can use the plate on the car to get a full tank of gas and then just leave the gas station without paying.

    Carol from Pueblo

  4. Let's hope that no one steals your Mom's gas. I hadn't heard of people drilling into cars for gas. How awful!

  5. People will do anything, won't they, Meredith? :(

  6. Oh, my, Carol... We should be asking what we can do to protect ourselves.

  7. My husband and I are currently conducting an experiment. Remember when the national speed limit was brought down to 55 mph during a gas crisis? I believe it was the late 70's or early 80's. Anyway, we've just started driving 55 instead of 65 to see if it makes a difference in our mileage. In the first tank of gas in my van (we'd used about 1/4 of it when we started the experiment), it raised the mpg from 20 to 24.61, a pretty good increase. We're anxious to see how it goes with his car when we get it back (our daughter has it right now as her car has been in the shop).

  8. That's a really good idea, kiddokare1! I do remember those days and how hard it was to slow down after driving 65 mph, but it did save gas!

  9. G'Day all,
    I thought my gas was safe with a lockable tank cap, but the thieves punched a hole in my gas tank & took some & let the rest flow down the drain. It cost me over $600 to replace the tank - OUCH, that's a lot of fuel, These days I don't lock my tank.
    The land of Oz

  10. Ouch... But I'd still use a locking gas cap. If a thief wanted into my home badly enough, he'd find a way in through locked windows and doors, but that doesn't mean I'm going to leave the door open for him! :)