Friday, June 20, 2008

Gloves in a Bottle

OK, so when I saw a request for bloggers to review this product, I bit.

Most women have their hands in water a lot around the house. Some of us have them in water more than others... I'm one of those. I wash dishes by hand, garden without gloves which requires serious washing up, mop with an old fashioned rag mop which requires me to wring it out by hand, and sometimes wash clothes by hand, among other things.

My hands really do take a beating and I keep hand lotion around all the time. Add to that the fact that I am NOT impressed with much of today's products that encourage over consumption... so when this opportunity came along, I couldn't resist. Another lotion? Another product spin? Cool, do I get to bash another useless product? Another marketing ploy I didn't believe would pan out.

The first and second day, I thought I was right. It didn't seem to be doing anything much, although I used it faithfully as per directions. The third morning, though (and you might think this is silly, but it happened just this way) I woke up and started to get out of bed when I noticed that the skin on my hands seemed... smooth and not dry at all. Even silky.

I was honestly surprised and now I can honestly recommend Gloves in a Bottle to you.

You can get a sample at the web site, but it may not be enough to realize the full benefit. Try it and see, though.

OK, now do I get to make a commercial and make a lot of money from this?

I'm kidding. I really do like this stuff. I'm no shill, as you know if you've read my blog very long - I'm not even into consumerism.

Frugal note: The price is in line with or a little less than some top of the line lotions, but it doesn't take nearly as much of it, so it's a good buy. A bottle will last a good long time.

(Disclaimer: I did not get paid to say this!)


  1. Pat, what was the scent like with the lotion? Was it very strong? As a child care provider, I wash my hands hundreds of times per day and needless to say, they get very dried out. But I am also very sensitive to scents and if it's too strong, I can't handle it.

  2. It has a very, very mild scent. If you follow the link you can get a sample to see for yourself, or, if you think you'd like to review it on your own blog, email with your blog address. If it passes their inspection, they'll send you a larger container to try.

  3. Thank you so much for the info, Pat! I e-mailed them and asked for a chance to review it. If that doesn't work out, I found some places nearby that sell it, so I will try it out. Thanks again!

  4. You're welcome! I hope you get to review it.