Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Homesteading in the city

Want to see a picture of what I've been up to?

My hobo bag

That's not all, of course. Yesterday, I gathered lambsquarter seed to try in bread. I've never tried it before, so this will be something new to me. I can't decide what would be the best way to separate the seeds from the husks or whatever those tiny green coverings are. The seed is very small, so it's going to be interesting.

Also, I made yogurt cheese for the first time, then I made chip dip from it by adding chives from the garden. Haven't tasted that yet, but the cheese is pretty good!

We've had a couple of light frosts, but it hasn't hurt my raised bed gardens. My nephew is coming whenever I call him to pick the rest of the green tomatoes and pull up the vines. There are still green peppers out there, too, besides the monster radishes and finally bolted lettuce.

I pulled the onion I planted from a bunch of green ones - got three nice onions from it, very large for green onions, small otherwise, but it was a definite increase over what was planted. The tops were well over 2 feet high. I cut and dehydrated the tops and will do the rest today.

I guess I'll just homestead here in the city. ;)

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