Tuesday, September 4, 2007

More memories

I'm getting into the swing of things here! ;)

Maybe not.

Anyway, I just published three more articles about The First House.

The First House: A Real Swinger

The First House: Inside the House

The First House: Outside the House

All of those are fun, but the reality of it is that during those times and later, I learned to make do with whatever was available. Mom and Dad raised 8 kids on a ranch hand's salary and we never went hungry, never were cold or did without clothes. Mom was from a farm in Oklahoma and Daddy was from just over the border in Kansas. They both knew how to stretch a dollar and pinch a penny and then some.

Sure, we were poor, but we were happy and life was good.


  1. Wow, great articles Pat. Looking forward to more - please?! :)

  2. Thanks, kez, I'm glad you enjoyed them! There'll be more coming in the future.

  3. Pat, I'm Jean from Jean's Journey (http://hs2o.livejournal.com/). I really like the articles you've posted on frugality.

    Your upbringing reminds me of my childhood in the Maritimes. Old houses, sharing bedrooms, using outhouses and chamberpots, wood stove heat and cooking, making ice-cream from scratch...

    I've been lurking and reading your material on your blog and on About.com. I've been chosen as the winner of the Frugal Subversive Award, and would like to pass it on to you. To find out more about the award, go to Down To Earth (http://down---to---earth.blogspot.com/2007/07/frugal-subversives-award_21.html).

    Thanks for all your hard work and have a nice day!


  4. Thanks, Jean. I quit work at About in January of this year. Now I'm working with Dollar Stretcher (stretcher.com) and really enjoying it. The forum there is my home on the web, stop by and see what's going on over there.

    I'll try to pass on the award as soon as possible, thanks again.