Thursday, September 6, 2007

"Frugal Subversive"

I've been tagged for this award:

Thank you very much. I'm proud to be subversive. ;)

I'll keep the rules of the meme and tag three more bloggers:

1. Dawn, at Frugal for Life - I love her attitude.

2. Terre, at Frugal, Single Mom. This is a newer blog but Terre's not new to blogging.

Well, ok. I tried. Who's going to be number three? And if I gave the award to someone who already has it, I apologize. I don't get around the blogging community as much as I'd like!


  1. Thanks Pat!
    I've been following you since your old 'about' location.

    I passed mine along -

  2. You're welcome, Dawn. You deserve it. ;)