Saturday, May 5, 2007

Where I hang out:

See that short list up in the left hand corner? The one that says, "Where I hang out"?

First, of course, is the Dollar Stretcher Community. That's the most important for several reasons. One is that it truly is a community of like minded souls (there's even a thread titled "Kindred spirits" that's been going for quite a few days). Another reason is that being a part of a community is inspiring and helps keep one balanced, but determined to keep money under control.

The next on the list is another blog I sometimes write to: 17 Ways From Sunday. It's not about frugal things, believe it or not. I can't tell you what it's about, because I haven't decided yet (and probably never will). I just like to sound off now and then without having to follow someone else's guidelines.

Then comes a cool place called Associated Content. A friend told me about this place when I was looking for a way to write about something different from frugal living. I love saving money and I love writing about it, but there are other things to life! The funny thing is now I write about frugal living quite often.

I don't even remember how I found Helium, but I enjoy poking around there and writing a quick bit now and then. They're nice people and it's chock full of interesting thoughts. I wrote a piece called, "Tips for debt management" which could have been called "How to get out of debt in five easy steps," but wasn't, thank heavens.

Somebody did a study or something that showed that "five easy..." Or "three steps..." or "nine ways..." caught people's attention. Maybe it did back then, but it's been so used and overused since then that it's become tiring.

I could have titled this "Four Favorite Sites" Aren't you glad I didn't?


  1. I liked the test to see how old you are over at 17 ways. I'm slightly younger than 'older than dirt.'

  2. I shouldn't tell, but I'm older than dirt... according to that as well as other indications. ;)