Friday, May 4, 2007

Of socks, windows and brakes

I'm reprieved! Since setting my goal to wash windows by the end of the week, it's been raining, rainy, windy and otherwise unpleasant. I read a book instead.

It's called "Hey, Idiot!" subtitled "Chronicles of Human Stupidity" by Leland Gregory. (I never said I read classic or high brow books.)

There are some funny and some bizarre things in it, but the one that struck me was this one:

"'I just spent a lot of money getting my brakes repaired, and I didn't want to wear them down.' Excuse given for speeding to Anderson, Illinois, police officer."

Misguided frugality or miserly beyond measure? Laugh if you want, but take a moment to consider if you're doing anything similar. I found that I was.

This may sound silly, but I bought a package of socks earlier this year with the intention of giving them to a woman who needed them. When the time came, the socks seemed like a chintzy gift, so I kept them. They've been in my bureau drawer ever since.

You can guess what happened from here on out. The weather's been nice and I moved to sandals, which were a little uncomfortable, but I thought I could get by. I really didn't want to "wear my brakes down," but I do learn. Eventually. The hard way sometimes, but I learn.

They're nice socks, too.

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