Friday, May 18, 2007

The addition to the blogroll, called "The Oildrop" belongs to my son. He's taken some good pictures that will give you an idea of what this area is like to the east. On the west are mountains, so it isn't all flat plains. This area is very diverse, as a matter of fact. We have everything from high mountain lakes to sandy semi-desert.

There's another family blog on the blogroll, Cyberscryber's Scrybes, that I want to point out. That's my oldest daughter, who lives in Washington State.

Now, if my youngest daughter would get on board, we'd be a blogging family!

Blogs are a fun way to talk about whatever interests you. I didn't think I'd enjoy writing one until I tried it. I don't "let it all hang out," but I do share things here I never would elsewhere.

See? You're privileged! ;) (I do have a weird sense of humor sometimes, please bear with me...)

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