Friday, August 6, 2021

Changing of the Blog

 Why are the ads gone? Well, this used to be a "working" blog, an extension of other things I was doing online. I no longer do those things so this is sort of just hanging out here in space. I don't intend to promote it or try to make a few pennies from it. 

I don't even intend to write about what's current or whatever. I intend to write what I want to write, so I suppose this blog is, after all, for me. 

So, today I had a small frugal victory. It rained! At least enough so that I won't have to water in the morning, saving a little on my water bill. Those living where there is drought and hot conditions understand  how this can be exciting. 

Maybe it's the drought or  maybe it's because the slant of the sun is a little different, but it feels like fall is gathering in the shadows. I keep watching for birds to flock and leaves to start turning. Some plants have actually gone to seed earlier than usual but that's probably from the dry and hot conditions. 

Either way, today I got energized enough to start knitting leaves for fall decorating. They're simple leaves, but I have a few more complicated ones in mind, too. I know that somewhere on the 'net I saw several patterns for knitted leaves but I can only find two right now. I will probably make up my own; that's what makes it fun anyway 

And on life goes... 


  1. That's fine, I still enjoy reading your blogs. I will have to look up knitting leaves, I've never done that before.

  2. It has been a weird summer. We have had a lot of rain . some days have felt like fall, then today it is up to ninety. Gardens have not produced. God is moving on this country and we need to be prepared.