Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Those Coupons...

I was browsing through the coupons my local grocery store listed and, as usual, didn't find much that I could use. There are so many products that I don't use or use so seldom that a sale three years ago still has me stocked up.

What don't I use? First, let's get the things that are unique to me out of the way. I don't use pet food of any kind because I don't have pets, I don't buy bacon or pork of any kind because I don't/can't eat it and I avoid commercial cookies and most candy because the HFCS gives me hives. Also, I don't have any babies or kids so those things are out.

Now... here is what I could buy but I don't (taken from the coupon list).

Whipped cream cheese spread
Liquid eggs
Fancy crackers (Try plain inexpensive saltines with a little butter, toasted under a broiler)
Name brand frozen vegetables (store brand is just as good)
Cornbread squares (I make my own!)
Cashew butter
Almond butter
Paper towels
Paper napkins
Wet wipes
Cleaning wipes
Fabric softener
Sandwich slims (whatever that is)
Cold cereal
Margarine (including fake butter)
Coffee K Cups
Tide Pods
Canned tomato products (I usually grow my own)
Granola bars
Pop Tarts
Refrigerated biscuits
Cookie dough
Bread dough
Frozen waffles

And the list goes on. Convenience foods are not necessarily convenient and they're usually more expensive than what you make yourself.

That's why those coupon deals never work for me. I simply don't use the products they are good for. They're not worth it.


  1. I agree, there are many coupons I don't use because I don't buy that name brand. However, I love Krogers, (aka Fred Meyers and other names across the country) I get both digital and paper coupons, many that are generic brands I already buy.

  2. I use King Soopers (also a Krogers store) and I do find some coupons from them, mostly on their store brands. I don't buy a lot of convenience items.