Sunday, July 25, 2021

Again... be prepared

 I think we'd better  hang on to our hats... shortages in food is coming fast. 

We are in serious drought conditions in the western USA. Ground water is drying up. The Great Salt Lake is at its lowest in recorded  history. Fires are burning for a second summer across the entire west. Reservoirs are shrinking; ranches are having to sell cattle because they don't have enough grazing or hay to feed them and can't buy it because no one else has it either. 

Some places are facing the other disaster. Floods, rain and more rain has destroyed crops. All crops are affected when there is too much water. Fields flood and roots die, too much rain brings disease and pests to feed on damaged and weak plants. 

Why is no one paying attention? Because your grocery store is stocked with soft drinks and frozen pizza, you see no problem? There are still eggs, right? And butter. And bread... and... for how long? 

Prices are going up and it's not all a matter of broken supply chains. The COVID crisis has passed and it's high time our system has recovered. It would have, except for other problems. Major producers have warned us that they are having to increase prices on certain goods.

People (workers) are paid to stay home instead of looking for work. They're paid more to stay at home than to work in some instances. I understand the human reason behind not working in that case, but it's destroying out economy. 

Weather, politics, economics... they're working against us. Be aware. There will be shortages soon, and possibly much more serious ones than we expect.

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