Friday, August 11, 2017

Playing Games With Money

Do you play games with your money? I do. Some money is worth more than the other in my mind, anyway. For instance, my credit card gives a 1% cash back. I hoard those pennies and dollars. I save them to buy special things or to spend for the holidays. It's untouchable money, not in my bank account, so it's easier to save.

Playing games with money can go far beyond that, though. Online savings accounts are very easy to set up and maintain. Some banks pay pretty good interest, too, so if you want to save for something specific, open an account online. You can set up automatic payments from your main bank and take a peek at it any time to see how it's doing.

Another thing you can do is set aside every penny you make doing something in particular (online rewards, babysitting, recycling aluminum cans) and when you get to a certain amount, take it and pay on the credit card bill or another bill. You could, of course, use it to do something or buy something you want, but that's up to you. I like the feeling of doing something "real" with earnings that would otherwise dribble away.

If you don't think you have money to play with? Start where you are. Put aside every penny and nickel in your pocket or purse right now, then go around looking for more. Limit it to pennies and nickels just to see what happens.  Not much? Just wait. If you keep it up, it will be!

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