Monday, September 28, 2015

Decorate Naturally and Frugally

Far from being a time of decay and ending, autumn usually gives us a sense of refreshment, of starting over and looking forward. In that mood, our minds often turn to decorating our homes, or at least putting on a coat of fresh paint. Decorating naturally and frugally not only it refreshes our surroundings, but it refreshes our minds and changes the moods of our homes as the seasons change.

A little creativity goes a long way in getting the natural look and feel you want without having to spend much, if any at all. Half the fun of decorating is in rediscovering something you already have, inside or out, and using or displaying it a new way.

Decorating with naturally occurring colors, shapes and textures is so frugal that you can afford to experiment - or change your mind every week.

    1. Think natural.

  •      Flowers wake up a room anytime; in the fall, gather winter bouquets, grasses and weeds that have seeded out and have attractive colors and shapes.
  •      In the spring, gather wild flowers (even if your neighbor calls them weeds).
  •      Small pieces of weathered wood, varnished against splinters, make interesting paperweights.
  •      Gather large baskets of pine cones and just put them on the floor.
  •      Fill baskets full of anything interesting - wood, dried flowers, rocks...

    2. Think color.

  •      Find a new color that won't clash with your floors and walls, for a quick makeover of any room.
  •      Paint a wooden chair, add an inexpensive throw, or use brightly colored napkins under lamps and on coffee tables.
  •      If you don't want to change your color scheme, find another color that goes with it, or deepen (or lighten) the color for accessories.
  •      Add a bright throw rug or two, and don't limit them to the floor. Put them on the coffee table, on the back of the couch, on the wall.

    3. Think fun.

  •     Small rocks, arranged on a tray or plate, in some sand with a miniature house or animals make a fascinating coffee table display. Use a small mirror for a pond and get creative with the scene.
  •      Display kids' art prominently on a bulletin board so you can change the artwork frequently. Add your own flair with cutouts or small objects you can pin up.
  •      Have vintage clothing, or almost antiques? Display them! Hang clothing on hangars on wall pegs. Teddy bears? Old toys? Lamps, dishes, whatnots - group them for impact.

    4. Think recycle.

  •      Old picture frames look new with a fresh coat of paint or gilding.
  •      Dye your own curtains a deeper or different color, or embroider them.
  •      Use an old trunk for a coffee table.
  •      Use an old freshly painted dresser for a hall table or sideboard.
  •      Use an empty can for a planter, covered with fabric or spray paint.

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