Sunday, June 22, 2014

Old Tshirts

Besides using old tshirt and tshirt material for "yarn" to make rugs, bags and the like, the material can be used in a lot of different ways!

  • Cut the front and back out, then fold them in fourths and sew them together at the edges. Sew an "X" or other design all the way across it to hold the layers together: Hot pad made!
  • Cut two or three inch squares and use them for disposable makeup or nail polish removal.
  • Use them for padding in potholders.
  • Snip them in small pieces and use as stuffing in toys, throw pillows or door draft stoppers.
  • Cut the neckline bigger (no need to hem as it will curl), sew the bottom together and put it on a hanger on the wall to hold rags, plastic bags, sewing projects, etc.
  • The sleeves and any leftover pieces make great dust cloths.                                                                                      
  • Of course, they make good rags for almost any use. They're absorbent, lint free for the most part and need no hemming!

Other ideas? I'm sure we all have a few old tshirts around!