Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Frugal remedies for minor health problems

What happens when you get heartburn? Or a headache? Or a sore muscle? Do you reach for the medicine you bought? Or do you reach for a natural and cheap remedy that you have in your pantry or kitchen cupboard?

Frugal remedies for minor health problems can save you a ton of money over time and keep you healthier over all, too.

For instance, many headaches come from tension. What to do? Remove the tension. A self massage can do wonders at times. Zero in on back and neck muscles and massage any that are painful. Lie down on your back and concentrate on relaxing those areas. (Hint: Tense a set of muscles and hold it for a count of seven, then relax while counting to seven.)

Other headaches are caused by sinus pressure. Try breathing steam for a few minutes and then use camphor or  eucalyptus to continue opening the sinus cavities.

Vinegar does wonders for a headache!

And then there are tummy aches. Indigestion and heart burn are among the most common complaints and if retail sales are any indication, we buy more antacids than any other OTC medicine. Skip them and use these five top indigestion remedies.

Sore muscles can be relieved by a vinegar or epsom salts soak. Or use a hot pad on them. Sleep can relieve aches and pains, so take a nap.

See? They're all frugal and safe. And they work.