Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Rain, rain, go away...

That's for those of you who are threatened with floods or just sick and tired of all the rain. Not so here. We've had a more or less steady rain for two days now and I'm loving it. The "poor man's fertilizer" in liquid form suits me just fine.

It makes good sleeping weather and I won't have to water the lawn or garden for days and days. We've needed a good soaking rain for a long time, so this is the answer to prayer. Things will turn green overnight as soon as the sun comes out, which it's supposed to do tomorrow.

This is Colorado at its best; the way it was when we moved to the area nearly 30 years ago. Green, not too hot, not too cold. Perfect farming and gardening climate with soil that could be amended with not too much trouble.

The last few years - maybe a decade - has been hard to garden and I know I'm not the only one rejoicing in this return to normal, even if it's temporary. Is there "normal" any more? I doubt it.

But for now, my frugal soul is happy. Bring on the fresh vegetables!


  1. I'd like to trade places with you for just a year... hurricane season is coming up down here in Miami. :=(

  2. Ya know, bevlion, there's a road that runs all the way from Florida to Colorado. ;)

  3. Hi! Are you THE Pat Veretto I corresponded with so many years ago?

  4. Oh, yes, Yoel! I am THE Pat Veretto! :) Good to hear from you again.

  5. Yes! Love the rain! We've had so much here, but I love it! My 'yard' is So green!!! In between storms I mow my tiny portion of grass and weed eat. Then back to pulling weeds and setting up yet another lasagna garden plot!
    Love your blog!!!!!