Wednesday, September 1, 2010

The relativity of an apple harvest

It's almost ready! My one lonely apple... not bad for a first harvest, though. My other little apple tree died so my daughter got me another one for Mother's Day this year. It was already blooming and formed five little apples which fell off, one by one, until this one was left.
My apple harvest

I've been watching it all summer. How good it will taste! Shall I invite my daughter to share it? Should I eat half the first day and half the second? When will I know it's the perfect time to pick it? Will a squirrel get it before I do? Does it have a worm in it?

Isn't it strange how important things become when the amount is limited?

I could go to the store and buy as many apples as I wanted, but none of them would taste as good as this one will.

It's the same with "things." Kids who have so many toys that none of them are truly appreciated. People who have so many clothes that none of them are important. Houses with so many rooms and so many square feet, cars with so many bells and whistles. None of it has as much value as two toys will have to a child who has none other; an extra set of clothes to the man or woman who has nothing else to wear; a built on leanto to a family that lives in a two room home, a car that runs to a person who has walked to work for the last year.

That's what relative is. Do you have enough? Do you have too much?


  1. I love your line of thinking today. I have often said that I am much happier when I have less. Right now we are overwhelmed with too much STUFF and we are planning to move into a much smaller home, with less room to heat and cool, a much smaller house payment and taxes. We are getting rid of unnecessary items!
    I know that when I have less, even when I have less money, I appreciate things sooo much more. I also apreciate what God has given to me so much more.
    It's strange, isn't it, that those of us who have more appreciate it less!!

  2. Yes, it does seem strange. I have less than a lot of people, but I have too much. I'm glad you're able to move to a smaller home. I'm sure you'll appreciate it. :)

  3. We also downsized and love it! When you do this the little things mean so much more and you guys are right, we do appreciate everything more. I *had* an apple tree but it died. I think it was old when we moved into this house. I guess the good news is I know somebody with an apple tree so I can still get fresh apples. LOL

  4. I'm glad you enjoy your downsizing! I think more people would, if they'd give it a try.

  5. Some missionary friends of ours moved overseas with very precious few household belongings. They had to acquire most of their appliances and furniture once they got settled in their new country. The kicker was that they had very little money to buy those things, yet somehow they got all they needed. Their observation was, "God seems so much bigger when you don't have too much "stuff" weighing you down." I agree.

  6. It really doesn't take that much, does it? And God does provide what we really need, with some extras thrown in.

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