Monday, July 26, 2010

Frugal shopping and seasonal sales

With back to school sales and end of season sales, now's the time to dig out that stash of cash you put back for sales. (Didn't you??)

Don't just think "school" when you see pens and pencils, jackets and shoes and backpacks on sale. First, check the price to be sure it's a real sale price, then you can shop for what you need, and not just what the kids need. It may be time to buy a few extra pens to have on hand for your checkbook (or to sign those notes to the teacher), or you may be in need of socks. Take inventory and see what you can save money on by buying it now.

End of season sales brings up all sorts of possibilities. Buy for next year, of course, but if you're buying for children, make sure you can estimate what size they'll be by next spring or summer. Think summer gifts, too. Birthdays and other celebrations may be covered less expensively if you buy on sale now.

Again, take inventory and see what you may need for next year. You will find great discounts on sandals and summer wear now.

As you shop, always think ahead but be careful. Don't overbuy or assume that things will always be the same. For instance teenager's tastes can change overnight, so stay away from fads and extreme fashions when you buy ahead for them.

With some caution and a little common sense, you can save a lot of money by taking advantage of sales for future needs.


  1. I have been looking at ways to cut the grocery budget yet again! I have cut out all the considered junk food items and cooking from scratch and because it is summer I have not even put on my oven for anything! Usually a pizza in the oven is a welcome relief from having to cook after along day at work. We don't do take out pizza because of the obvious cost so we haven't had pizza in months! I decided to stick to a very small choice of beans rice potatoes meats and frozen vegetable (too hot to grow in my area right now) and 2 big bags frozen fruits. I know I can buy fresh but right now fresh strawberries and other fruits are at $2.50 a clam box and it is cheaper to buy one or 2 big frozen bags. From these I can my smoothies, jellies and use them in oatmeal and thaw them for desert with topping! This way I still get what I need daily but not paying through the nose!

  2. Good ideas! Have you thought about looking for free fruit and vegetables? Often you can find them this time of year as others are trying to deal with a glut of them from their gardens. It never hurts to ask.