Monday, June 7, 2010

Do you rent?

If you do, have you ever negotiated for a lower price?

Chris Thorman, who blogs about rental property software asked me to link to his (very interesting) article titled How To Negotiate Your Rent in 2010 | A 10-Step Guide - well he asked me to link to the poll on that page because he wants to get a lot of responses to it!

Whether you have or haven't, take the time to click an answer on the poll. And if you do rent and you haven't negotiated for the price, read his article carefully. It has some very good information.


  1. Hi,

    In my renting days, I once negotiated to do some flower-planting and maintenance of said flowers at the duplex I lived in in lieu of a rent increase. There were several built-in cement planters in prominent places that I filled w/flowers and kept watered throughout the growing season. The landlord was at first reluctant to agree to my proposal, but I was really persistent and he finally agreed.

    It never hurts to ask. Could you offer some skill-based labor that the landlord would otherwise have to pay someone for? How about painting (interiors or exteriors), repairs and/or upgrades that need doing, lawn mowing, tree trimming, maintaining the lawnmowerm, etc. In addition to lower rent, it might even lead to other paying jobs if you prove to be a reliable and skilled worker.


  2. It's suprising how often things liken this work, offering to be in charge of maintaining gardens at your apartment can knock money off your rent, if you have the time that is.