Monday, January 25, 2010

Update on my site

I just finished adding a few more files to Click on the "Frugal" link on the upper left hand side, then on "Uncommon Uses for Common Things" to find the newest ones.

Let me know what you think.

I know... I'm very slow at this. Life and work tends to get in the way!


  1. So far so good! Under toilet paper rolls you can also put recyclable art. IF you are looking for a great way to reuse your tp rolls and you want something for the kids or grand kids to do to keep them busy in the cold weather have them paint the tp rolls. After they dry you can decorate them if you wish and use pipe cleaners or left over yard to hang them up with. You can make mobiles or whatever you want from them! I have done this is my pre-K classroom and we have glued feathers and put stickers on them! You can also use the pipe cleaners to hang them off the wired hangers too! They look really good hanging from the ceiling perhaps in a child's bedroom! There funky and frugal!

    Speaking of wired hangers (or plastic ones for that matter!) this is an oldie but goodie! I've done this in my pre K classroom too! Take the hanger and some yarn and wrap the yarn all around the wire or plastic hanger. You can use whatever colors you want. They are great for practicing many eye-hand coordinating skills needed for writing and other tasks and they look great hanging up off the ceiling! Who needs expensive art for the kiddos bedroom when you can make your own!!!

  2. I like many of the suggestions. If you use a lot of baking soda, which I do, you may know this tip already, but I buy it in a 50 lb bag at my feed store for farm animals. Ruminants like sheep, cows, etc supposedly get upset stomachs once in a while. This b.soda is feed grade, not food grade, so I use it 4 everything except cooking and baking with.

  3. Thanks for the ideas, both of you. I am going to link back to this post with your comments from the Uncommon Uses page.

  4. sorry under TP roll it should read yarn not yard! LOL