Saturday, June 9, 2007

Second hand treasures

It's hard to believe that it's this late in the year already. I suspect I've said that about as many times as I've heard it, but it's still true!

It's going to be the winter holiday season before we know it, with gift shopping or making, decorating and entertaining and trying to stay organized. It may be hard to really get enthused about Christmas or other cold weather events when the sun's beating down so hot, but if you're frugal and smart, right now's the best time to make up a gift list and start looking, if you haven't already.

There are sales year 'round, but I hardly pay attention to them unless I'm looking for something in particular. Where I look (now, don't turn up your nose) is at garage sales and thrift stores.

Why? Well, I'm not THAT cheap that I give everyone used stuff... but I'm not so stupid as to pay premium prices for collectibles, antiques and special interest things.

Need an example? A vinyl record album in great condition by Elvis Presley singing hymns. Thrift store price? $2.00 Of course it's used; but it's a collector's item. I have a friend who is one of those Elvis fans who thinks he never died. She'll appreciate the hymns and yes, she does have a turntable. How's that for perfect?

I'm not saying you'll find a treasure just like that, but I've seen decorative items still in the box, collector's mugs (fill them with candy, tea, etc.), odds and ends like silk thread on a wooden spool (thread comes on plastic spools now), very old embroidery scissors, silver teapots and chafing dishes, unopened craft kits...

When you start thinking "Christmas in July" (it's coming right up!), think unique and very special gifts at a very special price. It's fun, too!


  1. It really is the thought that counts, and you sure thought of your friend when you saw that Elvis record. It sounds perfect! Another great place to look is church sales. The prices tend to be very, very low and there's always a huge variety of things to look at!

  2. Yes, you're right. A good church sale can be a real treasure chest.