Monday, July 2, 2007

Water, water, everywhere...

As a reader commented, I've been pretty slack about posting here lately! I apologize and promise to do better.

To start off my new promise, here's my weekend story, but a rather unfrugal one.

My sprinkler system sprung a leak sometime last week and I couldn't get anyone to turn off the water. (I tried, but couldn't reach it.) I'm estimating the water ran full force for about three days. I'm not looking forward to paying the water bill.

I had a man lined up to come on Saturday to dig it out and make the repair, but he wound up in jail (long story), so my brother in law and nephew came and did it for me.

Not a good weekend. So, I've been thinking of even more ways to save water and try to make up a little for the waste. Here's what I've come up with so far.

1. Even shorter showers!
2. Handwater the garden and skip the lawn at least once a week. (We have to water three times a week here.)
3. Be more consistent about saving rain water to use on the garden or anywhere I can use it.
4. When I'm cooking, I'm using a small bowl of water to rinse off my hands instead of turning on the water every time. I put a dipper in the water to use instead, so it won't get murky.
5. I'm a lot more conscientious about not leaving the water running while I brush my teeth, scrub my hands, etc.

I think that just being more aware of the cost of water is helping me to find ways to save it. I already do quite a few things to save water (How to Save Water), but if you can think up something more, let me know!

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