Saturday, July 7, 2007

Expensive water

This time of year, finding ways to save on the water bill seems to take priority, but water is still cheap - at least when you get it from the tap. When you buy it in spray bottles or plastic jugs mixed with other ingredients, it can be very expensive.

(Ok, I can hear you thinking out there. I haven't flipped my lid. Not yet, anyway.)

Here's the deal:

Instead of buying water that way, get it from the tap, then mix your own ingredients to create your own product. It's a lot cheaper.

Do it this way:

Put about a quarter cup of sudsing ammonia in a spray or squirt bottle. Empty dish soap bottles are perfect for this. Use scented ammonia to make the smell more pleasant.

Add a teaspoon of good liquid dish soap.

Add a cup and a half of (cheap) water.

Stir with a long handled spoon or a butter knife. (Don't shake to mix because this is a high sudsing product.)

Use it to clean the kitchen sink, the bathroom sink, the bathtub, woodwork, floors, walls, outdoor furniture, whitewall tires, toys and whatever else needs cleaning. It even works as a spot cleaner for carpeting or upholstery.

See? No more expensive water in spray bottles.

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