Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Extremely Frugal, #2

Here are some interesting tips from my "Extremely Frugal" list.

  • You won't have to make crumbs for toppings and fillings if you save the bread crumbs from the bottom of the bread bag. Empty the bag onto a clean counter, and put the crumbs into a freezer container. It won't take long to have enough to top a casserole or use in a meat loaf or dressing. Cracker crumbs take longer to accumulate this way, but why throw them out?
  • Instead of buying plastic wrap or bowl covers to keep food fresh in the refrigerator, split a bread sack down one seam, leaving the bottom intact. This will slip over most bowls and pans, even glass cake pans. Twist the other end and slip it under the bowl or pan to keep it closed.
  • Water in which you've cooked potatoes can be used in place of milk in many recipes, especially breads and white gravies. Be sure to drain it from the potatoes before you add margarine or salt, though. My advice: Don't keep it in the refrigerator for over a week before using for either one.
  • When you use cornmeal or flour mixtures to coat fish, chicken or vegetables, instead of throwing it out when you're through, put it in the freezer, labelled plainly, and use it again the next time. It will stay fresh, and any small pieces of food left in it won't spoil, being frozen. Just be sure to use it for the same thing each time.
  • 'Soup bones' that you find at the grocer any more don't have much food value at all, but you can boil them and crack them to get the marrow, if you can find them cheaply enough. Mix the marrow into the boiling liquid and use this a base for soups. If you add barley or wheat to your soup along with the marrow, it will taste like a meat stew.

What do you think? Are they too extreme?


  1. I do not think you are being too frugal.
    Due to different reasons, we have used tea towels to cover food in a bowl in the refrigerator. I also use tea towels to wrap bread and quick breads.
    When I have used cornmeal to coat fish, I coat the fish in eggs first. When there are left overs, I combine the two and cook a "corn meal pancake" for the dogs.
    It is a good idea to save the bread crumbs. I must remember to do it. Left over bread usually goes to the sheep.
    I have never used potato water. I am looking forward to trying it!
    Nice ideas!

  2. Thanks, Gigi! There's a long list of things some have called extreme, so I'll probably post a few more in the future.

    I used to make "corn meal pancakes" for pets like that, too, but don't have animals that would eat it now.

    I think you'll like using potato water. It makes bread a little dryer than milk does, but it tastes great.

  3. I hope not - I've been doing these things for years and years.

  4. Thanks, Bellen. "Extreme" may be in the eyes of the beholder. :)

  5. Not too extreme. You stressed sanitation in the methods, so, IMO, just plain good, old-fashioned frugal thinking!

  6. Cool, thank you. Old fashioned frugal thinking is good. :)

  7. Love your tips and I don't think they're too extreme...keep em comin.

    Especially those that are environmentally friendly also.

    Thanks Pat.

  8. Thank you, dlw920. Often, if it's frugal, it's also environmentally friendly also. Using less for different reasons is still using less. :)

  9. These are great idea's, many of them I have been using for a long time, but then my granny taught me well didn't she? Thanks again,
    Gorgesweety Karen