Thursday, February 15, 2007

My Frugal Fun: Free Celery

Ok, this is fun. Growing vegetables on the windowsill is fun, but it's more fun when they don't even cost you the price of a seed. (How's that for frugal?)

This celery plant is growing from the bottom I cut from a celery bunch sometime in January. You can see how happy it looks. All I've done so far is put it in water and allowed it take root. The next step is to add dirt, a little at a time until the roots take hold. Then, I'll cut the bottom out of the plastic container and set the plant in a dirt filled pot, or in the garden, if the weather is warm enough, and I'll have free celery.

Celery isn't the only thing that grows like this and half the fun is experimenting to see just what will grow.


  1. That is so cool. I always feed our veggie scraps to our rabbits, but I might just have to keep them now!

  2. You'll be hooked, the first time you get a piece of something to reproduce into real food! :)

  3. I am growing the bottom right now in water, it looks so green and healthy, I have a carrot top in with the celery. I am wondering if I can use the leaves, a bit at a time without killing the plant? Thanks, cece

  4. Cece, I'd be cautious about harvesting leaves from plants grown like this for awhile, as they're putting tremendous effort into reestablishing themselves with very little root to grow on. If the plants are 5 r 6 weeks old and doing well, you can probably use a few leaves now and then without harming them.