Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Lines in the Sand

Am I extremely frugal? Some people seem to think so.

But then, some people just don't get the whole concept of being frugal.

If those people call me (or you) extremely frugal, who is right and who is wrong? I don't think either are. By their standards, maybe we're extreme... by ours, we're not. That makes it pointless to debate.

We'd have to draw a line that said, "this side is extreme and this side is not," and everyone would want to draw a line in a different place. Asking "What is frugal"? or "What is extremely frugal?" won't get you any definitive answers. It will only get you disagreements.


  1. Another point is that being frugal means different things to different people depending on their situation and time of life. Yankee Bill and I choose to spend $5 an hour a couple of times a month on a babysitter in order to go out together, and I as a SAHM pay for my kids to be in daycare 2 afternoons a week so I have some time to do things, but then I do almost all of my cooking from scratch, garden, freeze produce, make my own laundry soap etc. It ia a matter of priorities.

    To me the issue is that some folks don't seem to have any priorities at all and just spend and spend!

  2. Good point! That helps prove my point that there is no "line in the sand." What's frugal and/or what works for one, won't necessarily work for another.