Monday, February 12, 2007

A Frugal Drain Plug!

It doesn't take much to make me happy.

I was putting away the dishes, getting ready to wash some more, when I dropped the lid to a small yogurt container into the sink with the garbage disposal.

Now let me say that I'm not enthralled with garbage disposals. In the bigger picture of things, they're pretty worthless. I compost everything I can and what I can't will go into the garbage if it's solid or down the sink if it's liquid.

Since I don't have a dog or cat any more, meat scraps are either frozen for later use or put in empty cans or small boxes and put into the trash. So you see, I don't use my garbage disposal often.

As a matter of fact, it's a problem for me because I have to be so careful to keep things from falling into it. I have/had a plug for it, but that kept the water from running through... so imagine my delight when that yogurt container lid slipped perfectly into the drain and sat prettily on the rim. I tried it; it works beautifully. I can fill the sink with flatware and never worry about it slipping down the drain. And the sink drains slowly so I don't have to get into the water to remove the lid.

How is this frugal, you might well ask... well, if I hadn't saved that yogurt container (my daughter's, I don't buy it, except the plain now and then), I wouldn't have had the lid. And if I wouldn't have had the lid, sooner or later, I would have wound up looking for and buying something to do the job.

I don't know how much I save by using a plastic lid instead of a drain plug, but it pleases me. :)


  1. Suction is a lovely thing
    I've used a dishcloth as well when I needed something to cover the drain, It worked.

  2. That's a good idea - I've used a washcloth in the bathtub drain.

    The opening to the garbage disposal, though, is larger than a normal drain opening, so a dish cloth goes right down the drain!

  3. In refrence to meat and bone scraps; rather than placing them directly into the trash I keep a plastic bag in the freezer for them. All meat and bones go into this bag in the freezer till trash morning . Sitting in the freezer the meat does not get much of a chance to spoil so when you put it in the bag or can there is little odor . Meat trays and meat bags can be rinsed and put in the freezer too. Cats, dogs, rats, squirrels, and other sravengers won't know it's there. I haven't had any animals rooting through my trash thus avoiding riped bags, chewed trashcans, re-bagging trash, and general mess left to pick up after the trashman has left . Most paper is burnt in the woodstove and other food waste goes in the compost.

    This method is frugal in physical energies (cleaning up the mess), plastic trashcans will last longer, and you may save a few trashbags in the long run.

    Timothy T

  4. Good idea! I don't have many meat scraps, so keeping it in the freezer until I have a bagful makes a lot of sense for me. Thanks!

  5. We compost nearly everything, so when I developed an intractible clog in our sink, I had the plumber remove the existing garbage disposal, too. I'm sure I saved myself the inevitable second call when the disposal breaks.