Monday, February 19, 2007

I Love Clotheslines

I love to hang up clothes to dry. I get it from my mother, who did laundry for a big family long before dryers were common. You'd think that after years of it, she'd have gotten tired of it, but it was always one of her favorite things to do.

One of the nicest things my son ever did for me was put up old fashioned clotheslines in my back yard. He had someone make metal T posts, then set them in concrete and strung the lines. I love it and use it as much as I can.

I also have a yarn and string combination in my basement, which one day is going to break and take down a small load of wet clothes. Then I'll be ready for a more stable indoors "clothesline." (Diehard frugalista: I'll get the most out of that flimsy line that I can first.)

Anyway, I went browsing, planning ahead to that day. There are a lot of sites online where you can find retractable lines, wooden or metal racks or other clothes drying products, but one that caught my attention as I browsed with this in mind, is a site from Australia (Lifestyle Clotheslines) whose products almost make me wish for that tacky little line to fall down now.

I'm not kidding. I daydreamed about using some of those lines. They look so trim and fit right in... ok, I'm not paid to advertise this site! But I did enjoy my time there. I wonder what the shipping would be from Australia...


  1. I love to hang clothes, too. However, AI have fell behind in being frugal in this cold weather!

  2. I always remember my grandmother hanging clothes on the line in good weather. It was comforting to know that she had her routine and I could help.

  3. My daughter is currently living in Helsinki, Finland in an apartment. This apartment does not have a dryer and there is no room for one. The washing machine is very small; it is approximately the size of the toilet. She is able to hang two loads of laundry on a drying rack that is just like the "Super Dry." That means that two loads equal one load for us. The laundry area for the apartment does not have dryers. There are lines with some type of blower system.

    It has been my experience that line dried laundry is far superior to using the dryer.