Tuesday, April 13, 2010

What do do with leftover Easter candy

Still got a few chocolate Easter eggs around, or a fluffy marshmallow chick? Don't toss them or give them away, use them for other things.

Those cute little peeps are sugar covered marshmallows, so you can use them wherever you'd use marshmallows. Hot chocolate comes to mind! Use them in any recipe that calls for marshmallows.

Chocolate is chocolate, no matter how it's formed. Chop up a chocolate bunny and make chocolate chip cookies, or use a peeler and cut curls from it to top a cake or other dessert. Melt and dip strawberries or other fruit in it. Whatever comes to mind... just don't buy chocolate for awhile.

Malted eggs? Stick them in the blender and use as malt for... what else? Malted milk. Or any recipe that calls for malt.

We got some peanut butter filled eggs this year, so I sliced them with a hot knife and "iced" some plain cookies with them.

Get creative and use up the Easter candy... or not. It will keep for a long time. You don't have to refrigerate or freeze it - not even the chocolate, as long as you can keep the temperature below around 75 degrees. Above that, it will melt and make a mess, but it still won't spoil, so put it in a bowl or other container if your kitchen gets hotter than that.


  1. I really didn't spend a lot or get a lot of candy this year. It seemed like the holidays were piling right up one after another so we decided not to get a lot of candy. But I did finish off my Cadbury Eggs today and they were good especially the caramel ones!

  2. I didn't buy as much candy, either, and for the same reasons. I still have leftover Christmas candy... but the "kids" (youngest is 27) would be heart broken if I didn't have a lot of Easter goodies. :)

  3. Just Born, the company that makes the marshmallow peeps, isn't far from my home. Some prefer to let the peeps get stale before eating them. No kidding. :-)


  4. Stale peeps are not as soft and messy, maybe? :)