Monday, April 19, 2010

Turnoff Week is April 19-25

Turn it off! Unplug it! Join the crowd... well, the movement, anyway. April 19 through the 25 is Turnoff Week, targeting computers and TVs. Here's a link to a post on the forum at Center for Screen Time Awareness which will explain what I'm talking about.

Are you addicted? I never thought that I was until I took a few days off earlier this year and found myself slipping back in to check up on things on the internet. Since I work on the computer, it wouldn't work to turn it off completely, but I am going to try to turn it off when I'm not working. No TV doesn't bother me, so no brownie points there.

Join me? At least for a day or two? Then let me know... are you addicted?


  1. I couldn't give up the computer for a whole week. Our financial records are there, and I track them almost daily. I also catch up on the news from the Internet (no cable TV).
    The TV could stay off for a month, I wouldn't care.
    (But please don't ask me to give up the computer! If it's any consolation, I do have mine turned to "stand-by mode" when I'm not at the screen.)

  2. I leave mine hibernating when I'm not working through the day, but turn it off at night. As I said, I can't turn it off for the week because it's my bread and butter. But we do what we can. :)

  3. I forgot to add that I have some great Web sites bookmarked, and using those sites has helped me NOT to buy a book. For example, I recently learned that I have gestational diabetes, and I must scrupulously watch my carbohydrate intake. My nurse suggested I buy a certain book that has many foods' carb levels listed. Instead, I went to and found most of the info I needed for free. So in this case, utilizing the Internet has saved a tree from being turned into a book for me to buy. But I do need to access that site daily, for health reasons. (But I saved a tree, doesn't that count? LOL)

  4. Sure it counts! LOL I use the internet constantly for information, news and entertainment as well as work. It really can save money.

  5. I kind of did good with this but I could improve my habits more! I didn't get on the computer much at all this week and I did turn off the TV more than I usually do so I did make an attempt! But I could do more!

  6. It's a good exercise to make us aware, isn't it?