Sunday, April 11, 2010

Did you ever set up a scavenger hunt?

Frugally, I mean... as in, not spending much money. That's a question on the Dollar Stretcher forums.

I've never set one up and have only participated in one scavenger hunt in my life, so I have no advice. (That's not really a first, no matter what it seems like!) ;)

Anyway, check out the question if you have a moment and if you have any ideas, they sure would be appreciated.


  1. I thought about posting the idea of doing a "poker game" instead of a scavenger hunt, but I'm not exactly sure how they work. I know that some motorcycle clubs in our area do a Poker Run for charity. I think that they ride around to different businesses and get a playing card. Whoever gets the best hand after visiting all the businesses wins a prize. I'm not sure of all the details, though, so I didn't post the idea on the forums.
    If anyone knows more details about such an idea, it might be an inexpensive alternative.

  2. I have done several scavenger hunts (but with the gas going up in my area I haven't done one for awhile) But basically you need some friends/family that can help you out with this one. We had a map of peoples homes you could go to to find whatever was on the list. You can have whatever you want on your list and as many objects as you wish. You can even make it a theme where each person finds something that goes with the theme on the list for example garden items. At one persons house you can have some packet of seeds, another persons house you can have a garden shovel and another persons house a watering can ect, or you can do the same for a BBQ and just have the items on the list specifically for a BBQ then you can all meet at the last persons house with all the things needed for a BBQ and actually have the BBQ at the last persons house! Same with the garden. Perhaps someone has a big enough space for everyone to plant the garden and share in its bounty at harvest time! It's a great way to get everyone together and get a huge garden and a great way to save on groceries! Same could be done for a pool party! Just have everyone on the list have something for a pool party and the last person on the list (of course someone with a pool) to host the pool party and you've got the supplies by going house to house gathering them! So say for example you meet at house number 1 and there are air mats, you'd need enough air mats for all who are participating, same with beach buckets and shovels. someone else might have a cooler, someone else ice, someone else plastic cups etc!
    It is a lot of fun and a great way of getting together!!! Hope you have fun with it!