Monday, April 26, 2010


My mood is sort of rambling today, so that's the way I'll post. :)

I like this thread in the Dollar Stretcher forums:

2010 Challenge -100 New Ways to Save Money I've been keeping an eye on it for a few months now and it's still going. I've even found a few new ways to save from it.

It's been rainy here for almost a week now and cool - too cool to do much serious gardening, although I set out cabbage plants and have mustard, lettuce, radishes and peas growing out there. It's been close to frosting the last couple of nights with more cold nights promised, so it will be awhile before the peppers and tomatoes are safe. So much for an early spring.

It's all right, though... I've been nibbling chives, eating lambsquarter and dandelion greens still. The dandelions are starting to bloom, so I picked a handful of buds yesterday to have with lunch. Boiled briefly and salted lightly, they're really good. If you try them, be sure to cut off all the green parts because they're bitter. Wild food can provide very good nutrition while cutting your grocery costs, so why not try them?

If you wait to salt fresh cooked vegetables until they're on your plate, save the cooking water to use on your houseplants or outdoor garden. There are lots of minerals and trace elements that plants need in the water. Dandelions are some of the best for this purpose because they have long, strong roots that bring nutrients up from deep in the earth that other plants can't get to.

And my frugal exercise tip: Buy a pair of walking shoes. You'll feel guilty for not wearing them... and what are they for, if not walking? So take a walk, smile and breathe the fresh air (even if it is a bit cool, as it is here). It will do wonders for your disposition and your health.

Rambling on...


  1. Getting outside in the sunshine (even if it's still a bit chilly) will do wonders for your mood, too. Besides feeling more energetic from your walk, the sunshine on your face will increase your seratonin, which gives us energy and fights away the winter blues. Thanks for the reminder! (I enjoy a rambling mind...I can relate completely!)

  2. That's true, slk... I was under cloudy skies when I wrote that so I guess "sunshine" didn't come to mind! :)

    I'm glad you can relate to the rambling mind. :)

  3. A good cloudy day works well for walking too! I am however doing a walking tape and I really love it because you can lift light weights with it. Just gets the blood flowing!

  4. Any day is a good day for walking, once you get started. I've been known to walk in a snowstorm and in the rain! That was when I lived in the country and could roam without people thinking I'd lost my mind.

    Anything to get us moving. A walking tape is a good motivator.