Thursday, August 2, 2007

Solar Powered Clothes Dryer

If you'd like to help save the environment and save money for yourself, this technology should interest you. It's a new/old idea that if no other state than California of the continental US would embrace, would save so much in electricity that we could shut down part of our nuclear and coal fired power plants.

Not only will this solar powered clothes dryer help clear the air from the pollutants of those power plants, it kills germs on your clothing and linens as it works, providing a far healthier method of drying them than traditional clothes dryers.

It's even been said that in places where this solar power technology is used, the common cold and influenza are experienced at a low level, depression is lifted, and it helps with weight loss and general physical fitness.

That's a tall order, but studies have shown that these claims are true.

What's even better news is that a clothes dryer that does all of this, has a price range that's within the reach of at least 90% of Americans. As a matter of fact, it costs less than traditional dryers and lasts longer, with only a few inexpensive parts that may need to be replaced over time.

Are you excited yet? Solar powered clothes dryers should be approved by environmentalists soon, now. Hopefully, they'll help to sway local governments and housing associations to change laws to allow more solar powered technology.

Until then, just be frugal and use your clothesline anyway.


  1. It bothers me a lot that the new developments prevent the use of a clothes line. Housing areas where they are permitted sport very few.

    I was taught that in "the old days," items made with cloth, including mattresses were disinfected using the sun. Sometimes the old ways are the best ways.

  2. It bothers me, too, Gigi. I think it's shortsighted and arrogant, if you want to know. :)

    The old ways are very often the best when it comes to things like that. Maybe someday they'll figure it out.

  3. Hey Gals -
    I too, live in an area where clotheslines are forbidden - however, I DO have one - umbrella style, I have used it for over 3 years and no one knows!
    HOW? Simple. I got some of those strips of "stuff" that looks like a roll of dried tall grass - about 6 ft. tall, and it is made to attach to a chainlink fence for privacy.
    I made a "U" shaped section around my clothesline - open side faces my house. I got one roll at a little garden shop when I was travelling and two more at Home Depot.
    You absolutely cannot tell what is behind it from the other side! And I collapse the clothesline when not in use, and made a pretty cover that fits over it- and it looks like a closed up sun umbrella, and no one is the wiser. I even place a lawn chair or two next to it.
    However, you don't TELL your neighbors or anyone else - or EVERYONE will know - I promise if you let ONE person know - it will spread to those who will cause trouble.
    I save $40-$50 a month by not using my dryer, and my whites are whiter, brights are brighter, and they SMELL so great!
    Susan in Texas

  4. Now, THAT'S the way to do it, Susan! :) Maybe some other folks will use the idea, thanks!

  5. For air-drying clothing I have found a wonderful product. Not only does it allow me to air-dry inside, it also has done away with the need for ironing. The product is called Outdry and I thank the website is

  6. Interesting concept, thanks Joe. I bookmarked the site and I'm going to keep an eye on it to see when they add products.

  7. Regarding the developments that "ban" solar drying...what are "they" going to do to you? I once had a neighbor complain -- this was my response "no soldier will die because i am contributing to dependence on overseas oil, no carbon is being emitted into the air, my laundry will not be out as long as all the dog mess that people leave and no appliance is being worn out that needs to be disgarded at some, remind me why this is offensive?"

  8. Anonymous, I laughed out loud, you're so right! I'll try to remember this.

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