Saturday, August 11, 2007

Bounty from a little garden

"Almost" in one day... the two small raised beds and a 4 X 4 corner of the yard is yielding well this year - better than last year, when it was all new.

Plums, chocolate mint, tomatoes, dill seed, green beans and squash (I cheated; the big zucchini isn't mine, but I couldn't resist because it fit so well - the acorn squash is mine, though) are coming on now. There is still a bit of lettuce besides green peppers, garlic, chives, one onion and a few potatoes.

Oh, and a couple of enormous radishes that won't go to seed. Same kind as last year... I'll get a picture of them this year.

The beans were from an old package that didn't look fresh enough to eat. They grew well, though. The squash was a "2 for 1" deal I got at the nursery late in the season. Potatoes were from the potato bag this spring. Lettuce was old seed from last year as were the radishes. I bought the tomato plants at full price when they were about 4 inches tall. The chocolate mint escaped from a pot last year and settled in comfortably this year. Garlic is from a forgotten bulb I dug out of the pantry when I cleaned it this spring. The onion is one of a bunch of green onions I couldn't eat fast enough.

A pretty frugal garden, if I do say so myself. :)


  1. Pat, your mind must be thinking all the time about how to save and use everything up! I'm trying to learn to be this way and you are a wonderful,wonderful teacher. It is such a joy to read your blog! I have truly learned alot from you. Blessing to you and Thank you.

  2. Oooh, I'm so jealous of your garden!! It's the bad thing about living in a small apartment in the city: no space for planting, much less a vegetable garden. Enjoy your goodies these last few weeks of summer!

  3. Thank you, nanniereese.
    Saving money is a habit - I don't think about it very hard most of the time. Besides that, I've had a lot of years to work on it. :)

  4. acidspit, is there a chance of doing some indoor container gardening? Some plants do well like that, if you can give them enough natural light.