Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Cooling down

It seems like the thermometer got stuck. It was on 70 when I looked at it not long after I got up this morning; it's still on 70 nearly 4 hours later.

A little cool rain; a little mist... after all the heat, this seems like heaven. It sure has me looking forward to cooler days ahead, and that has me thinking of warm clothes and bedding. I've been working off and on (more off than on) through the summer, on widening a knitted blanket that I made last year. It's wide enough to keep me warm, but it would look nicer if it were wider.

Isn't that silly? It's a blanket, for heaven's sake. It's going to be under the bedspread where no one will see it! But I can make it nicer and I'm going to, just for me.

There are other things no one sees but me, and I don't care about those things... but this blanket is mine through the virtue of many hours spent creating it. There's just something about creating an item that makes "ownership" take on a whole new meaning. It's a peculiar kinship with the created thing.


  1. I do understand! Your blanket sounds wonderful. I would love to see a picture of it!


  2. I know the feeling - I rarely keep the things I make, but when I do I'm very particular about them. Loved your garden post, by the way. Reminds me of my cousin's garden - at one point she just kept giving me acorn squash (and I kept finding other homes for it).

  3. Gigi, if I ever finish the extra panels, I'll take a picture of it.

  4. might guin, don't you like acorn squash? I love them and they keep pretty well, so I just hog them all (well, all I can get from my one plant, anyway!)

  5. Nah, I'm a butternut squash kind of person. :)

  6. Butternut is good, too! I love squash, so any kind is good to me. :)