Friday, April 13, 2007

Looking forward to harvest

I've been kind of scarce around here this week, due to not feeling well, but today I'm almost raring to go!

The weather broke for a rain instead of the possible 9 inches of snow that was predicted for this area, so it's still spring. Either way, it's moisture that we can use.

I haven't got any more yard work done, but I did notice there are more dandelions out back and a few wild salsify plants, also known as goats-beard, or oyster plant. It's called oyster plant because the roots taste like oysters and make a great fake oyster stew for those of us who are landlubbers. I'll let them grow until this fall, when the roots have stored nutrients for the winter.

Also growing there is mallow, but I don't know which proper term is used for it. It has a round, but not flat, leaf and a small purple to white flower. The seed pods are called "cheeses" because they're round and flattish. (I'm doing so well with the English language this morning, don't you think?) Anyway, the seed pods can be eaten and have a slightly nutty flavor.

Besides the dandelions, salsify and mallow, in my back yard are also roses which are edible (flowers, leaves and seed pods (rose hips)), day lilies (edible flowers and roots), and mint. Yet to come are purslane, (leaves, stems and seeds) and amaranth (leaves and seeds).

I'm gearing up for a good harvest this year, both of wildlings and domesticated plants. It's frugal to take advantage of wild food, because you don't have to do much of anything for them to grow.

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