Saturday, April 21, 2007

Frugal Sheets

I ran across a sale on sheets the other day. It's kind of unusual to find that kind of sale this time of year, but it looked as if they had been cleaning out their inventory, maybe to make room for more summer gear.

At any rate, there were some pretty twin size sheets for $5, so I grabbed up a couple of matching top sheets.

Did I hear someone asking why two top sheets?

To begin with, good new material costs more than $5 for 66 X 96 inches (about 2 1/2 yards 66 inches wide). For another thing, the material is hemmed in a good, wide hem that works perfectly for curtain rods.

Besides curtains, you can make a lot of things from sheets, as I discovered and talked about in this article: Bed Linens: Not Just for Beds

So... I bought two. I brought them home and spread one on the bed to see how it would look. Gorgeous! So I went back and bought another one. I will have new curtains, a summer spread and pillow shams, a dresser scarf and trim for a throw rug for $15 plus tax.

That's a frugal bedroom makeover, if I do say so myself!

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