Friday, April 27, 2007

I forgot to post the review links! :(

My bad. I forgot to post a link to the first review at the Dollar Stretcher Community. Here it is, belatedly, but it's still not too late to take a look at it.

4-17-2007 The Simple Dollar

I'm so late that there's another one up already.

4-24-2007 Project Laundry List

I have a list of the sites you gave me plus the ones the community offered. I'll be working through it, though a warning may be in order. Not everyone is cooperative when I ask for an interview and I don't want to review a site without talking to the site owner. Sites are created by people, after all, and knowing the person behind it is much more satisfying than just knowing the site.

I have had a lot of fun and learned some too, by checking out those links. If you know of yet another one, by all means, let me know, either here, on the community or by email (in my profile).

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